Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stressed over running

So is there such thing as hitting a wall during training?? I've felt really stressed out about my running lately. It feels like a chore and I hate that feeling. I think I'm too stressed out about failing at my goal again that I'm overwhelming myself . I haven't been making my weekly runs , that I KNOW are so necessary for my Saturday long runs.

I need to get over this feeling ,and I need to get over it quick because I have 53 days: 11hours : 21 minutes : 10seconds
until the Long Beach Marathon. That means my weekly runs are so important and essential for my long runs.

so for my marathon runners out there .... fill me in. How do you motivate yourself to go run?? How do you make sure you go out for your run?? How do you work on your speed?? and How do you make sure you're not stressing over something you love so much?? I need help !!

I have a lot of support and motivation....thanks to my friends that have come out on Saturday mornings to run with me and for all the words of encouragement. With that said , I have a plan in motion to help me complete this goal... I'm recruiting 5 runners (or more) ,4 to run 5 miles and 1 to run the last 6 miles of the marathon with me . I have several people already on board and I'm excited and can't wait to run side by side with you (you all know who you are) :) I love you my friends !! So let me know if you're interested ,if we haven't spoken about it already!

I'm ready to continue training, and go at it harder,and become stronger in 53 days !!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy National Running Day :)

So.... It's National Running Day and I as well as many many many other runners wanted to blog about it ... I googled "You know you're a runner when..." and this is what came up.


*your first thought when you look at the weekly weather forecast is, "When can I fit in my runs?"

  • you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile.
  • you've lost a toenail. And you tell people, "It's not that bad."
  • you smirk when non-runners ask you, "So how long is this marathon?"
  • you have a drawer full of medals and other race souvenirs that you're not sure what to do with.
  • you go into Starbucks more often to use the bathroom than to actually buy coffee.
  • you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar (although cooler) to one.
  • you've used an old race T-shirt to wash your car, dust furniture, or clean something else.
  • your treadmill has more miles on it than your car.
  • you get an invitation to a wedding and you automatically think about what race the date will conflict with.
  • you have dreams about showing up to a race late or not wearing any clothes.
  • you're not embarrassed to wear spandex.
  • the salespeople at your local running shop know you by name.
  • you're ALWAYS hungry--(my favorite..lol)
  • you know how to take a cup of water from a water spot without choking on it or spilling it all over yourself.
  • at least one of your web site usernames or email addresses has the word "run" or "runner" in it.
  • you no longer hate port-a-johns. In fact, there have been times when you've been very happy to see one.
  • you wear your running watch even when you're not running. ("It matches, right?")
  • you've had your running shoes for three months and you know it's already time to replace them.
  • you spend more time researching running routes than local restaurants when traveling to a new city.
  • your physical therapist's receptionist knows you by the sound of your voice on the phone.
  • you know where exactly one mile from your front door is (in any direction).
  • you own more pairs of running socks than dress socks.
  • when you hear PR, you automatically think "personal record", not "public relations".
  • you pack more running clothes than bathing suits when going on a beach vacation.
  • you have running clothes and an extra pair of running shoes in your car, "just in case."
  • your holiday wish list can be fulfilled at any running or sporting goods store.
  • one of the first things people ask you when they haven't seen you in a while is, "What race are you training for now?"
  • you have several drawers dedicated to running shirts.
  • you get excited when the new Runner's World comes in the mail.
  • your Facebook or Twitter updates frequently involve running.
  • your only recent photos of you alone are race photos.
  • you always have your next race on the calendar.
  • your runs are sometimes longer than your commute to work or school.
  • your running partners know more about your bodily functions than your significant other.

  • Getting ready to start marathon training next week ,and I'm excited and nervous ALL over again ! I'm going to a National Running Day event tonight in Belmont Shore and I'm way excited
    ... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114190951957985&ref=mf Come check it out !!

    A shout out to my CSS peeps ... we have to go running together again soon :) I miss you all !!


    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Marathon Training (again)

    So, here I go again. I trained (although not as I should've) and ran the LA Marathon on Sunday March 21,2010 however I didn't finish. A marathon plays so many mental games with your head if you allow it to. I ran alone ,and like so many other things in life I felt lonely and sad. I allowed myself to even think that I might not be able to finish after all and that was it ,in my head I was defeated.

    So ,I'll recall my first marathon experience. I was very excited at the Start to be doing something so amazing, the course was beautiful (what I saw of it ) so many things to see, it was awesome ! At about mile 5 I met this awesome man named Willard who was also running for the Parkinson's Foundation, this was his 25th marathon (a legacy runner) ,we ran together for about a mile and then I HAD to go to pee (uggh!) I waited in line for the port o potty about 10 minutes and I wasn't able to catch up to Willard ... I never saw him again :( . Then at Mile 15 ish I met a woman who was dehydrated and in so much pain. She said this was her first marathon and she decided to do it because she just turned 50 years old and so she got up one morning and registered (without a single day of training) . We were pre warned that they would start shutting down the course for anyone slower than a 13 minute mile pace and at Mile 15 I saw them start tearing down the course , that was such a horrible feeling. Mile 15 was the very last water station I saw , and thanks to my good friend Oki for giving me a water bottle at Mile 15 and to the very nice guy at that water station that filled it up w Gatorade I was able to continue the next 5 miles. At about mile 18 they asked us (me and the people around me) to go onto the sidewalk, and then we saw the herd of street sweepers cleaning up. At one point I was off the course , I had no idea where to go and I remember I kept looking back to see if I was the last one ( I WASN'T - Thank God) there were still tons of people behind me so I couldn't understand how we would all survive. There were kids from Students Run LA that were dehydrated and limping , ladies who were determined to walk to the finish line even though they were in pain . I called Oscar (my hubby) at mile 18 and asked him to Please pick me up , I couldn't go on any longer... he told me I could do this but at the point I was so mentally defeated that I couldn't fathom the idea of going any longer. He told me he was at mile 20 and at that moment I mentally checked out! I arrived to mile 20 devastated, I was crying as I asked him to please take me home. I felt like such a failure ! When I saw my kiddos they asked me if I won and I told them No I didn't :( . No matter what I couldn't be proud of myself , I had failed at my intended goal. Now , I can say I'm happy I trained and ran . I still feel like a failure , but I know that with training and dedication I will succeed !! :D

    So Now, I'll be starting marathon training once again.... I'm planning on running the Long Beach Marathon on October 17,2010 (I'm determined to finish a marathon in 2010) . This time training will be different and much more hard core, physically as well as mentally. So wish me luck, pray for me, send well wishes ,light a candle whatever works as I start my 6 month journey on Monday !