Tuesday, August 24, 2010

stressed over running

So is there such thing as hitting a wall during training?? I've felt really stressed out about my running lately. It feels like a chore and I hate that feeling. I think I'm too stressed out about failing at my goal again that I'm overwhelming myself . I haven't been making my weekly runs , that I KNOW are so necessary for my Saturday long runs.

I need to get over this feeling ,and I need to get over it quick because I have 53 days: 11hours : 21 minutes : 10seconds
until the Long Beach Marathon. That means my weekly runs are so important and essential for my long runs.

so for my marathon runners out there .... fill me in. How do you motivate yourself to go run?? How do you make sure you go out for your run?? How do you work on your speed?? and How do you make sure you're not stressing over something you love so much?? I need help !!

I have a lot of support and motivation....thanks to my friends that have come out on Saturday mornings to run with me and for all the words of encouragement. With that said , I have a plan in motion to help me complete this goal... I'm recruiting 5 runners (or more) ,4 to run 5 miles and 1 to run the last 6 miles of the marathon with me . I have several people already on board and I'm excited and can't wait to run side by side with you (you all know who you are) :) I love you my friends !! So let me know if you're interested ,if we haven't spoken about it already!

I'm ready to continue training, and go at it harder,and become stronger in 53 days !!


  1. When I was training for the marathon, I found my weekday runs to be the hardest because I had to do them alone. I had a printout of each of the runs I had to do everyday, and as I did them, I highlighted them. The act of coloring over every workout kept me motivated to continue running throughout the week. Also, if you know anyone else who is running during the week, use them as motivation. For instance, Ro. Think: "Ro's running today, so I'm going to too." I would think of Marissa whenever I didn't want to run. The thought of her still working out kept me wanting to work out.

    Sign me up to run a leg with you! I was talking to Marissa about that earlier this summer. We're gonna be there with you to help you accomplish your goal!

  2. I like the highlighting the runs you've done idea... that's awesome!! Thank you so much for your encouragement, and continued support! You are AWESOME ... and I can't wait to run side by side w you :D THANKS A TON ERICA :)